Project Title : “WHISTLE - Women’s Healthy and active lifestyle is threatened by verbal sexual harassment: Let’s stop catcalling in sports”


I volunteer to participate in this international EU-funded project.

1. My participation in this project is voluntary. I understand that I will not be paid for my
participation. I may withdraw and discontinue participation at any time without any
2. If I feel uncomfortable in any way during the interview session, I have the right to decline to
answer any question or to end the interview.
3. The interview will last approximately 30-45 minutes. Notes will be written during the
interview. Upon my permission an audio recording of the interview will be make for its
4. I understand that the researcher will not identify me by name in any reports using
information obtained from this interview, and that my confidentiality as a participant in this
study will remain secure. Subsequent uses of the collected answers will be subject to
standard data use policies which protect the anonymity of individuals and institutions.
5. I grant permission for the data generated from this interview to be used in the researcher's
publications on this topic.
6. I have read and understand the explanation provided to me. I have had all my questions
answered to my satisfaction, and I voluntarily agree to participate in this research.

5. He leído y comprendido la explicación que se me ha dado. He recibido respuesta a todas
mis preguntas de forma satisfactoria y acepto voluntariamente participar en esta

*Para más información, póngase en contacto con la Sra. Caterina Stanley
Información de contacto: (667478188).