project deliverables

The scope of this Deliverable is to report stories and surveys analyzed about the impact of sexual verbal harassment and catcalling on female participation in sport and outdoor training.

The objective of this manual is to collect good practices and activities to practice through workshops that will be tested and validated by the project partners, first at local level in each project partner country – Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and Poland – and then at international level.
Among the objectives of the workshops and tools:
• Raising awareness of gender stereotypes and differences in sport;
• Raising awareness of catcalling and verbal sexual harassment in sport;
• Strengthen the empowerment of women and girls in sport in order to
reduce sports drop-out;
• Encourage team support and co-operation;
• Strengthening emotional intelligence for empowerment.

D4.1 is a guideline to develop infographics with a counter narrative approach. 

A summary of the methods used for the interviews, the promotion and results of the podcasts.