…When I was only 16, my new basketball coach started asking me about sexual stuff, like my preferences and my history…Sometimes even within earshot of others. I quit basketball forever…It was easier than telling my parents.

I always go out for a jog in the evenings…that day I saw a group of 5 male kids…they were probably around the age of 10. They were walking towards me, looking at me and talking to each other. Then, all of a sudden they started shouting at me, making unpleasant comments about my outfit (I was wearing tight leggings and a sports top). I confronted them and they cornered me, then they insulted me while grabbing my bottom and breasts…I felt so defenseless cause even if I wanted to push them away they were just kids!...It made me feel really bad…not only because of what they did to me but it also kept me wondering what sort of men these kids would grow up to be in the future…

At a football match in 2019 young female referee Alexandra García had to face 90 minutes of horror, having to deal with comments such as… –Bitch! -Whore! or -Go home to the dishes! Her mom was witnessing the entire match, absolutely horrified. After the match Merche posted the following on twitter: – I was filled with rage and dismay, nobody did or said anything. I spent 90 minutes listening to my daughter being insulted; it was a total lack of respect, which is intolerable.


It’s hard to find stories of harassment in sports and physical activity. Here at WHISTLE we need more testimonies like yours in order to raise awareness on the problem. Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, if it happened to you or you just witnessed it. We want to read your story even if there was no physical harassment or if you believe most people won’t think it is harassment; as long as it made you feel uncomfortable. 

The testimonies are completely anonymous and judgment-free.

1. Teniendo en cuenta los siguientes ejemplos de Acoso Sexual Verbal (comentarios obscenos, pitidos desde un coche, insinuaciones, peticiones insistentes…)¿Consideras que alguna vez has presenciado o vivido Acoso Sexual Verbal tanto en el deporte de élite como haciendo ejercicio de cualquier otro tipo?
2. Cuenta la historia o historias que más te hayan marcado.
3. ¿Identificaste en su momento que eso era acoso?
4. ¿Qué hiciste al respecto?
5. ¿Lo has hablado con alguien? ¿Te has sentido respaldada en los casos en los que te ha sucedido?
6. ¿Cómo afecta esto a tu vida deportiva y personal?
7. ¿Qué le dirías a las chicas que han sufrido o sufren Acoso Sexual Verbal en el deporte/ejercicio?

1. Taking into account the following examples of Verbal Sexual Harassment (obscene remarks, whistling from a car, insinuations, insistent requests…), do you consider that you have ever witnessed or experienced Verbal Sexual Harassment either in elite sport or doing any other type of exercise?
2. Tell the story or stories that have affected you the most.
3. Did you identify at the time that this was harassment?
4. What did you do about it?
5. Did you talk to anyone about it, and did you feel supported when it happened to you?
6. How does this affect your sporting and personal life?
7. What would you say to girls who have suffered or are suffering from verbal sexual harassment in sport/exercise?


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