Here at we are seeking for people of all ages, genders, nationalities and backgrounds to support our cause.

What do I have to do?

It’s easy! Just take a picture/video of yourself, either alone or with your friends, colleagues, team mates, family, pets…

The only requirement is to do the ‘whistle gesture’ as shown in the example picture.

Feel free to be creative!!!

Do I need to be an influencer or have many followers?

Of course not! Doesn’t matter if you have one or ten thousand followers…Your support counts!

What should I do after I take the picture?

Please post your picture on your account. You can feel free to write a small description of the reasons why you’re supporting or just type: I support

*Note 1: It is highly important that you tag so that we can add the picture to our campaign.

*Note 2: You can also add hashtags such as #whistle #shutyourwhistle #picawhistle #stopsexualharassmentinsports and so on…


Why do we need YOU?


Whistle adresses sexual harassment in sports and physical activity, especially verbal sexual harassment (VSH), better known as catcalling. It’s a very common problem but also a very normalized one.

If a man whistles at a woman who is running or biking on the street or makes a too explicit joke, it is not a compliment and, in many cases, it is perceived as real harassment, in which psychological violence is carried out.  This phenomenon is growing and significantly affects many women who no longer feel free to train or do physical activity in public spaces, or drop out of sports. It is often trivialized and declassified as mere appreciation without any intention of harassment. However, words and gestures, which are not requested in most cases, do not please, but betray strongly sexist behavior.

Researches from all around the world show that many men and women have experienced themselves or witnessed some sort of sexual harassment. NOW IT’S THE TIME TO RAISE OUR VOICES in order to make our streets and sports centers safer and more comfortable places for everyone to feel free to exercise and practice sports. 


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