Breaking the Silence: Aylin’s Journey Against Verbal Abuse in Sports Join us for a compelling interview with Aylin, an accomplished tennis player, as she bravely shares her experiences of battling verbal abuse in the world of tennis and sports as a whole. This interview is a part of the Whistle project, co-funded by the European …

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Expert in women protection and women empowerment In this second episode of ‘The Whistle Project Podcasts’ our colleague Tomaš Jenkelevič from the Strategic Partnership Institute in Poland interviews Inga, a freelance youth worker who specialises in topics such as sexual harassment, women empowerment, women in sports and catcalling. Inga talks about her personal and professional …

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Nadia Mladenova

Former shotokan karate competitor Interview with Nadia Mladenova, former shotokan karate competitor, strength and conditioning fitness coach, Adidas Runners Sofia team captain, sports blogger This interview was recorded as part of the Erasmus + Sport project – WHISTLE – Women’s Healthy and active lifestyle Is Threatened by verbal sexual harassment: LEt’s stop CATCALLING in sports. …

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