30 male and female sports fans attended the seminar event on January 15th 2024, within the scope of the WHISTLE project. Many topics were addressed, such as information on what verbal harassment is, types and how it can manifest, effects of Verbal Abuse on Athletes, the effects of verbal abuse on the physical and psychological health of athletes, verbal harassment prevention and Intervention Methods, strategies for recognizing, preventing and intervening in harassment incidents were determined, measures and policies that clubs and federations should take to prevent verbal harassment in sports,how athletes and coaches should react to verbal abuse, ways to get support and solidarity strategies, perception of verbal harassment in society in general, requirements and training programs to increase social awareness, victim Support Services and Psychological Assistance; including support services, counseling and psychological assistance opportunities for athletes subjected to harassment, case studies of how verbal abuse cases are resolved, with real-life examples, training on the basic values of sports, ethical behavior and fair play principles, the effectiveness of existing laws and policies regarding verbal harassment, changes that need to be made and recommendations.


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