The WHISTLE project has travelled the streets of Malaga to raise awareness on verbal sexual harassment in general, and more specifically in the field of sport and physical activity, given that this phenomenon affects the performance of a high number of women and can be the main cause of sporting abandonment in some cases.

The innovative action consisted of a performance or staging in emblematic places of the city of Malaga such as the main Alameda, Calle Larios, the Paseo del Parque and the Malagueta promenade. In this scene, carried out by an actor and three actresses from the Malaga-based production company ‘Abriendo caminos’, a boy (Agustín Gascón) exercises outdoors and is harassed by three girls, played by Alba Dannet, Maria Belén Perrone and Nuria Goman. The girls in question start by throwing expletives such as looks, compliments, calls for attention such as whistles or sexual propositions to later become annoyed by the boy’s defensive attitude and make fun of his physique and his way of dressing, claiming that he is the one who is “provoking them”.

This situation, unfortunately, is very common for many women, not only in the streets but also in sports centres and gyms, which is why the WHISTLE project not only wanted to generate reactions among passers-by but also to collect their impressions and reflections in a series of interviews that have resulted in this video report.

We would like to thank the city council of Malaga, especially the Filmoffice of Malaga, for their collaboration in making this filming possible. We would also like to thank the production company “Abriendo caminos” for their great work in the filming and production of the dramatised scene.

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