Hosted in the offices of the Euganeo Stadium, Padua, the associations Si Puo Fare have launched the open educational resources on Saturday the 29th of January to train coaches and sport staff to detect VSH and to take the right actions supporting women harassed in sport environment.

The so-called Educational Resources are the result of the multiple studies, testimonies and knowledge gathered before and during the WHISTLE project and are intended to be a point of reference for all sport communities at different levels in dealing with VSH and catcalling.

This pilot event, hosted by Comune di Padova, helped to test and validate the resources and at the same time to empower a group coaches and sport staff selected within the clubs. The success of the initiative, reported by high satisfaction in feedback questionnaires, is underline by the participation of several sports association from the Padua province ranging from different sports practiced namely the Asd Unoacento, ACLI, Ciclisti Padovani, Baseball and softball, Ragazze nel Pallone, USMA Padova, Tana delle Tigri and ACLI.

Also, such resources will empower clubs in several countries, as they will be adapted and promoted in Greece, Turkey, Poland, Spain and Bulgaria.


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