The third international meeting of WHISTLE Project was held in the city of Padova on the 11th and 12th January. The meeting was held in the famous Palazzo Moroni in the historic centre of the city, by the Comune di Padova which provided a warm hospitality.

Both days were focused on the last phase of the project and mainly on analysing lessons learned from WP1, WP2 and from the Awareness campaign events – Better knowledge of VSH in sport and raise awareness on its impacts, especially dropout.

Main session was devoted to monitoring and reporting events, lead by USMA Padova, the development of the OER (for the coaching community to learn how to support victims of VSH in sport) by SI PUO FARE, and the main communication and dissemination activities recalled by Actividades Alternativas.  

All activities were performed in a collaborative and positive environment, and all partners were satisfied about decision taken and final steps to conclude in the best way the WHISTLE project implementation.


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