Many thanks to USMA’s team for supporting WHISTLE PROJECT.

After more than 50 years of activity, USMA has become the first sports club in the Selvazzano area in Italy and surrounding municipalities: today it has about 600 active athletes, and 80 coaches, managers and volunteers.

A continuous growth, obtained thanks to the fact that USMA has always remained faithful to its nature as a grassroots sports association, committed to favoring young people’s approach to sport, without pressure, without anxiety about results, avoiding the not always edifying models of sport professional success at all costs.

At USMA sports center sport in a healthy environment represents a fundamental positive stimulus to the growth of young people also from a human and social point of view. And they manage to do this by offering them a positive model of life, through modern and efficient sports organization and services.Special thanks to club officer Paola, USMA’s juniors football team trainer Lorenzo and Tommaso; one of the trainers in charge of the youth football sector.


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