1. Have you ever witnessed or personally experienced situations during sports?

(Yes, when I was little and it was about my body type from fans. During the game ONLY FROM FANS. This included comments, whistles etc).

  1. How did you realize what was happening?

 (From the bustle of the situation).

  1. Have you tried to deal with this situation? What did you do to deal with it?

(Only on a personal level I tried to fight it, I changed my clothes, became more modest and took care of my underwear).

  1. Did you feel you had the skills to deal with this type of situation? Did you ask anyone for help?

(Then I couldn’t handle it, now that I’m older I can think. I didn’t ask anyone for help.)

  1. What was the impact of this situation? Did it influence you in sports?

(It didn’t affect me, I would just advise them to watch their appearance so as not to create such reactions)


 6.What would you say to people who face such situations?

(I wouldn’t scare anyone away from the sport I would just tell them to watch their appearance).

  1. Do you think another person would find this experience traumatic?

 Of course if the comments were racist or otherwise.


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