In a compelling union of education, sport, and social advocacy, the Courage Foundation, under the auspices of the Erasmus+ Sport Programme and partner of the project WHISTLE, has coordinated educational workshops among the youth of “Ana Mai” school and Sports School “Vasil Levski” in Plovdiv. These workshops are the results of hope and action in the ongoing battle against verbal and physical violence, particularly that which targets women and burgeons among the youth, fruit of international cooperation through the WHISTLE project.

The national Bulgarian television,, unveiled the gravity of aggression in society and the pressing need for comprehensive education that addresses violence head-on. The report highlighted alarming statistics and personal stories, underscoring the ubiquity of aggression in schools and the digital sphere. It painted a stark picture of the challenges faced by the young, especially girls, who are disproportionately affected by violence.

You can watch the national television’s report on verbal aggression by clicking HERE

Considering this real social issue, the Courage Foundation’s initiative emerges as a crucial intervention. The workshops at “Ana Mai” and Sports School “Vasil Levski” are meticulously designed to provoke thought and encourage open discourse on aggression and violence. These institutions, one predominantly educating girls and the other leveraging the discipline and values of sport, present unique platforms for addressing and mitigating violence.

The “Ana Mai” school, with its focus on female education, becomes an important site for discussions on self-defense, emotional resilience, and empowerment against violence. The narrative shared by the national television about Nelianа Valcheva, a young woman who overcame domestic violence, becomes a powerful testament to the courage and strength that the workshops aim to instill in students.

On the other hand, Sports School “Vasil Levski” employs the principles and values of the Olympics to combat aggression. The school’s emphasis on temperance, directed not towards aggression but towards achieving sporting dreams, serves as an exemplary model of channeling youthful energy positively. The social media announcement of their event on November 22, 2023, symbolizes a collective step towards “Breaking the chains of violence through the power of sport” and a milestone for the project WHISTLE.

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