As part of the courses for coaches and other sports professionals to detect verbal sexual harassment, offer support to victims and educate for the eradication of this habit among the new generations, the Spanish Association Kean Alternative Activities has developed a pilot session at CEIP Rosa de Gálvez.

The session consisted of a series of activities, followed by talks and debates that serve as a guide for coaches and teachers around the world who want to promote an environment free of verbal sexual harassment and teach students to condemn and eradicate this type of behaviour.

It is a series of recreational and sporting activities aimed at debating macho attitudes and working on self-esteem as well as empathy and respect for others.

The session, which was a success, helped the first and second year ESO students to talk openly about their fears, concerns and doubts about certain social behaviours and was of great help to the WHISTLE project in order to better understand the problems of adolescents and how to continue working for a better coexistence.


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