We are happy to announce that WHISTLE TPM took place in Malaga, Spain, on the 22nd of June, hosted by Actividades Alternativas. The meeting was an opportunity for partners to make the point about the main WP developed during this period and to plan all the multiplier events that will characterise the following months. Those latter would be the chance to present project results in different local contexts as well as to enlarge Whistle’s message.

All partners cooperate in a friendly and supportive environment.

E3.1 International Training for Trainers

On the 23rd of June, an International training for trainers took place in Malaga, hosted by Actividades ALternativas and presented by Si Può Fare. This event was an opportunity to share the work Si Può fare delivered about Open Educational Resources among partners and test them by giving feedback and preparing those materials for their final definition and use in pilot events.

All international participants, namely international partners from the WHISTLE consortium, learned about the work done by Si Può fare and actively participated in the session. 


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